The Petit Hotel has been in Cogne since 1968. It was founded by our grandparents Lucia and Innocenzo who still very actively help in looking after the garden and flowers.

A few years ago we decided to reorganise the hotel to meet the needs of families: we love kids and have many of our own!

The Petit Hotel staff

We’ve already mentioned our grandparents Lucia and Innocenzo… On arriving you will be met by their daughter Lea who will deal with everything you need to make sure your holiday is totally perfect! Lea also enjoys helping the kids to make yummy cakes!

Andrea is Lea’s brother and is the ski instructor who will take you and your children skiing. Also Andrea has an important role in the kitchen: he deals with the catering and loves everything to be homemade, cooking vegetables from the garden and only buying few ingredients from shops, which in any case are nearly always locally sourced.

Enrico is the other brother, he has a farm with a number of adorable animals: goats, chickens, sheep and rabbits. Enrico will take you to see them: some are already on the hotel grounds while others are a bit farther away!

See you there!