Cogne is located in the southern part of the Valle d’Aosta at an altitude of 1544m, and has about 1,500 inhabitants. Considered the small capital of the Gran Paradiso National Park, Cogne is the most extensive municipality in the Valle d’Aosta and, in addition to the Park, 95% of its area is protected.

The village is surrounded by a velvety green expanse of meadows, the Prati di Sant’Orso, protected since 1939 under the “Protection of Natural Beauty” rules and named in 2012 as one of the places in the “Meraviglia Italiana – Italian Wonder” project.

Cogne is a favourite spot for enjoying the natural glory of the Alps, and is also a place full of fascination, history, possibilities for entertainment and good cuisine. With plenty of opportunities for recreation and exciting activities close at hand.

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