The Gran Paradiso National Park, established on 3 December 1922, is the oldest Italian national park. It straddles Valle d’Aosta and Piedmont, and also crosses a short way into France.

The Gran Paradiso National Park is a State designated protected area whose purpose is to preserve – for present and future generations – its beauty, biodiversity and the incredible balance of the ecosystem in the valleys around the Gran Paradiso massif (4061m above sea level).

The story of the Park is very interesting and is linked to the story of protecting its symbol animal, the ibex, a celebrated creature from the rocky regions of Central Europe which was hunted extensively for many centuries.

Today the Park is a great opportunity for meeting beautiful animals, to enable children to discover the joy of unspoilt places, and to find inner peace and harmony with others.

Take a look at the history, the events and the magic of the Gran Paradiso National Park in its official website.



Educational workshops

How much life and beauty is there in the mountains?

Fondation Grand Paradis offers educational workshops for children throughout the year.

The workshops focus on nature, culture and tradition. They are meant for fun and to be able to imagine, to breathe the miracle of life in the higher reaches of the mountains. There are also games and entertainment, and even excursions into the heart of the Gran Paradiso National Park to discover the local flowers and animals… The beauty of it is in meeting and understanding all these forms and creatures, breathing slowly and with the joy you can feel forming within you.

For more information, take a look at all the opportunities in the official website for Fondation Grand Paradis.