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What to do at Cogne

Cogne is located in the southern part of the Valle d’Aosta at an altitude of 1544m, and has about 1,500 inhabitants. Considered the small capital of the Gran Paradiso National Park, Cogne is the [...]

Our animal friends

Petit Hotel is a magical place for children. Besides all the activities, the company, the games, there are also our animal friends. We are rearing two young owls that have joined in with us and [...]


Please contact us to find out room availability, to book and for any questions on your next holiday here in Cogne. Petit Hotel *** - Il family [...]


One of the chief features is quick service, to make sure that the kids don’t get bored and can get back to what they were enjoying before. We always have 3 menus at our restaurants, [...]

Where we are

Petit Hotel is in Cogne, in the Valle d'Aosta, on the Sant'Orso plain which is a large expanse offering cross-country skiing and a children’s snow park in the winter and, in the summer, a [...]

Who we are

The Petit Hotel has been in Cogne since 1968. It was founded by our grandparents Lucia and Innocenzo who still very actively help in looking after the garden and flowers. A few years ago [...]

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