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Petit Hotel is in Cogne, in the Valle d’Aosta, on the Sant’Orso plain which is a large expanse offering cross-country skiing and a children’s snow park in the winter and, in the summer, a place for lovely walks or relaxing […]

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Who we are


The Petit Hotel has been in Cogne since 1968. It was founded by our grandparents Lucia and Innocenzo who still very actively help in looking after the garden and flowers.

A few years ago we decided to reorganise the hotel to […]

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A swimming pool for fun


Our swimming pool has been designed for the enjoyment of grown-ups with their children: it’s a colourful place for having fun in the water with floats and ball games. The water is kept at a warm 32°C, ideal even for […]

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Your children will find plenty of games and activities all day long at the Petit Hotel. We have set up a room with lots of toys for playing alone or in groups.

From rocking horses through to the possibility to create, […]


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